Green Queen Guide: Top 5 Air Purifier Brands in Hong Kong

Tested to WHO IAQ standards.
Medical Grade TEChnology
German Design & Production

Hong Kong-based brand Oxyvital offers German-made air-purifiers using that famous Deutschland technology, with models for both residential and commercial use. They have one model recommended for residential use, their Oxyvital AirOLife Purifier. This devise uses a four-stage filter which includes a HEPA filter as well as their patented ZeoSieve filter which was designed to specifically break down gaseous pollutants, such as VOCs, and actually turn them into to harmless gases instead. This purifier works slightly differently than the other HEPA-based filters as it takes in air much more slowly to allow it’s technology to focus on really eliminating gaseous pollution, as such OxyVital does not believe the standard ACH applies. However, they are the only air purifier to meet the WHO guidelines for all indoor air pollutant classes. The machine is also able to provide medical grade oxygen and actually reduces ozone gas levels in your home. This is a slightly larger unit, while being incredibly quiet, weighing 21 kg, measuring 53 cm x 54 cm x 21.5 cm and they recommend for a room 200 to 400 square feet. HKD 29, 000.