Tested to WHO IAQ standards.
Medical Grade TEChnology
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Very much like the atmosphere enables and protects life on earth, Oxyvital strives to create safe, humane living spaces in the form of health-friendly breathing zones in highly polluted environments.

Our Products

Oxyvital® AirOLife™
Air Purifier (Medical Grade)

Personal & Residential

The Oxyvital® AirOLife™ purifier is designed for use in personal and residential environment to effectively remove chemical gases, odours airborne bacteria, viruses and particles that meets the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) guidelines for all indoor air pollutant classes stipulated by the World Health Organization (WHO), hence providing the purest indoor Air.

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Oxyvital® AirOStyle™
Air Purifier

Residential & Commercial

The Oxyvital® AirOStyle purifier is designed for use in commercial and also residential applications to remove particles and odours, airborne bacteria and viruses and providing the cleanest indoor air available in the most affordable manner to an area up to 65sqm. The design inspiration comes from the pursuit of high quality yet affordable.

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Oxyvital® AirOworld™
Air Quality System

Residential & Commercial

The Oxyvital® AirOworld™ is a modular, high performance indoor air quality designed for use in residential and commercial environments to reliably remove particles, airborne bacteria and virusesas well as chemical gases and odours to an area up to 180sqm, with maximum air flow of 3,000 cbm/hour. The system is leakage-proof so that any trapped, airborne contaminants will remain locked within the system and both particulate and gaseous air pollutants can be eliminated effectively.

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Oxyvital® O'Naturale
Hydrogen-Rich Water Purification System

Personal & Residential

The Oxyvital® O'Naturale Hydrogen-rich Reverse Osmosis water purifier is designed for use in personal and residential environment. O'Naturale incorporates 3-filter elements, 4-stage aerospace reverse osmosis filtration technology that filters impurities up to 0.0001 microns. Effectively filters out harmful matters and retain minerals beneficial to the human body, providing you with healthy and ready-to-drink potable water every day.

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