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Exclusive Patented Technology

Oxyvital’s advanced German zeolite air purification technology is currently patented in the United States of America, Europe, China and select Asian countries. It is a German TUV certified medical device, which is recognised internationally for its stringent quality.

What are Zeolites?

Zeolites are crystalline solids with chemical properties that allow them to effectively purify the air you breathe, as opposed to ‘just filtering’ it. Zeolites not only remove particulate pollution from indoor air, but more importantly they can break down toxic, gaseous contaminants, releasing crisp, healthy and clean air.

How Our German Zeolite Air Purification Technology Works

About our patented ZeoSieve technology for air purification

Oxyvital uses an advanced four-stage filtration system to safely remove toxic particles and microorganisms from the air. Our patented ZeoSieve technology for air purification goes beyond graded filtration to address the gaseous nature of pollutants such as VOC’s, CO2, CO, fumes and various odours. When air passes through the Oxyvital system, it first goes through a multi-stage pre-filtration process that starts with a preliminary coarse pre-filter, continues to a fine pre-filter, and finishes with a medical-grade ultrafine HEPA pre-filter. This pre-filtration process removes dust and larger particles before the air is forced through a medical grade compressor and then into the patented Oxyvital ZeoSieve system that is based on advanced zeolite technology.

Working on a nano-molecular level, the ZeoSieve system breaks down gases and other airborne contaminants that are up to 10,000 times smaller than what an ordinary HEPA filter can trap. Noxious gas phase molecules are cracked apart, altering their molecular structure so that non-toxic, natural elements are released. In other words, the patented ZeoSieve technology for air purification effectively denatures the noxious gases. The Oxyvital system is the only technology yet tested that can break apart pollutant gases and reconstitute them back into their natural, harmless state.

To find out more about how our ZeoSieve’s work, take a look at our FAQs page where you’ll see video demonstrations and more about zeolites themselves. To discuss your filtration needs, call Oxyvital or get in touch online via our contact page.