Residential Air Purification in Hong Kong

Over 7.18 million people call Hong Kong home. With so many residents in such a small land area, not to mention the proliferation of heavy industry here and in nearby countries, it’s no wonder that air pollution has become a serious problem over the past few decades. Pollution is caused largely by coal-fired power stations and the dense traffic around the city, although some of the smog can be attributed to the thousands of factories in nearby China. Although government and charity organisations are moving towards giving locals cleaner air through improved town planning, education initiatives, energy reform and more, millions of locals still live with pollution on a daily basis. Air pollution causes a number of different health problems, from severe skin and eye irritation, to allergies and respiratory symptoms. Smart homeowners and apartment dwellers are looking for a solution; a residential air cleaning system that delivers hospital grade, WHO IAQ compliant pure air for their homes.

Oxyvital is Hong Kong’s premier provider of advanced residential air cleaner units. With our high-end four-stage filtration and zeolite channel that removes particles up to 10,000 times smaller than what HEPA filters can, Oxyvital is the clear choice for discerning residents. Our main residential air purifier, the Oxyvital AirOLife Purifier, effectively removes everything from gases and odours to airborne bacteria, viruses and harmful particles, for an area of up to 90sqm. With its level of power and efficacy, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would be a very large unit – in actual fact, it’s been developed as a space saving design which can be moved easily around a space.

We encourage you to read more about what makes Oxyvital so unique on our Technology page. For more information or to place an order for your home, call +852 2893 5928 or contact us online to get started.