Oxygen Concentration Technology

Decreased oxygen levels in a room can make occupants sleepy and less energetic within minutes, resulting in lower levels of concentration, thinking and attention. In extreme situations, occupants’ judgement and emotional control might be impaired. Staying in a room with low oxygen level can cause long term damage, including diagnosable hypoxia. On the contrary, inhaling pure oxygen-rich air can help with respiration and elimination of toxins. Oxygen therapy is used to help ensure a person receives enough oxygen, when their respiratory system prevents them from absorbing it efficiently, or when the level of oxygen in the air is naturally low.

One unobtrusive method of oxygen concentration is as part of a purification system. Oxyvital’s AirOLife purifier provides medical grade oxygen that meets the needs for oxygen therapy in Hong Kong and gives relief for people with respiratory conditions. Read more about how the technology works on our Products and Technology pages. For our clients’ peace of mind, we also provide free air testing before (and after) installation, so you can see the difference for yourself.

The most trusted oxygen concentrator in Hong Kong

Many of our satisfied clients note that their respiratory symptoms and conditions, including asthma and allergies, dramatically improve once an Oxyvital system is installed. Explore our Clients page for real case studies and stories from people who have benefited from Oxyvital oxygen concentration. Having an oxygen concentrator for your Hong Kong premises, for example, is virtually guaranteed to reduce the number of sick days taken by staff. For years, Oxyvital’s products have won the trust of its clients thanks to its high quality and outstanding performance. It is our goal to maintain air quality for our clients by providing high-performing products equipped with advanced oxygen concentration technology.

Oxyvital is happy to consult with apartment owners, business owners and managers regarding oxygen concentration options. Call us on +852 2893 5928 or contact us online to get started.