Hospital Air Quality Control in Hong Kong

When it comes to hospitals and other health care facilities, hygiene and cleanliness is absolutely critical. Patients who are already sick or who have compromised immune systems are especially susceptible to airborne pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. They may also be more likely to have adverse reactions to other airborne irritants, such as gases and allergens. Hospital air infection control is a difficult task, especially given Hong Kong’s polluted atmosphere, but it is possible with the right medical grade air purification systems.

What is medical grade air purification?

‘Medical grade air purification’ means cleaning the air to remove all pollutants and pathogens which could compromise medical care, hygiene and human health in general. This is a very high and broad standard, which goes beyond that of standard cleaning systems for homes and offices. In many benchmarks and measures, a system must achieve 100% removal of a pollutant in order to be classified as medical grade.

The WHO has developed comprehensive guidelines for indoor air quality. These cover dozens of different factors, including everything from biological material to chemicals and common building materials. They outline strict and safe levels of pollutants.

Why is Oxyvital the best?

Oxyvital is the only provider of hospital air quality control in Hong Kong that meets WHO IAQ standards, only Oxyvital has patented zeolite technology to take out pollutants up to 10,000 times smaller than what a high grade HEPA filter can remove. For our healthcare clients’ peace of mind, we offer pre and post installation testing free of charge.

Give your staff and patients the best. Enquire about medical grade air purification for your facility today.