Integrated Indoor Air Quality Solutions

For many Hong Kong locals and visitors, the lack of progress in improving local air quality can be frustrating. Even though individuals, families and businesses can make changes to become more eco-friendly, they may feel like they’re not having much of an impact on pollution. The good news is, homeowners and building managers can have complete indoor air quality control, thanks to Oxyvital.

Oxyvital’s integrated indoor air quality systems are designed to fit seamlessly with your existing ducted air and heating/cooling systems. This means you don’t have to worry about extra space or noise; all you’ll notice is a fresher, cleaner environment. The Oxyvital SplitAir Purifier, for example, works just like a split system air conditioner, and has a stylish minimalist look that fits in with any interior décor style.

To date, Oxyvital is the only Hong Kong based provider of WHO compliant IAQ indoor air quality services. Oxyvital solutions clean to WHO standards for all particulates and pathogens. This means removing everything from airborne bacteria and viruses, to dust from building materials, and even gases or fumes in the air. Read more about our patented ZeoSieve system on the Technology page. For our clients’ peace of mind, we offer guarantees and warranties across our entire range; we’re confident you’ll notice a dramatic difference once your integrated built-in air purification system is installed. Our clients often comment not just on the improved atmosphere, but in the verifiable reduction in sick leave and lost time for commercial premises. For residential buildings, it’s all about providing a safer environment for all family members, including those with allergies and sensitivities.

To discuss IAQ indoor air quality services including pre and post installation testing, please contact us. We are also happy to provide advice on our full range of integrated indoor air quality systems to ensure you make the right choice.