The Most Advanced Indoor Air Purifier in Hong Kong Today

As the expert of indoor air purification in Hong Kong, Oxyvital’s approach to indoor air quality is unique in the sense that our air filter systems purify air at a molecular level without emitting toxic by-products such as Ozone or Reactive Oxygen Species.

All Oxyvital products deploy our patented ZeoSieve technology derived from the medical domain, where it has been used for dialysis and oxygen concentration. It is the ideal indoor air processor and air cleaner for Hong Kong premises where safety and hygiene are critical. Going beyond the standards of HEPA filters and other recently emerging air filtration technologies, Oxyvital helps create healthy and pleasant spaces by offering the best indoor air filters in Hong Kong for all occupants.

Optimal performance in air cleaning in Hong Kong

Certified and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland, it is the only indoor air purifier to date independently tested to meet World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for achieving optimal indoor air quality. Using a four-stage, catalytic purification process based on Zeolite, a naturally occurring, micro-porous mineral, the technology is capable of reducing all nine categories of indoor air pollutants as identified by WHO to safe levels that pass indoor air quality test in Hong Kong.

This means our air purification systems effectively eliminate particulates (RSP’s and microorganisms), but more importantly, they take out the more hazardous gaseous pollutants and certain viruses, which can be as small as 5 nanometres.

As obvious as it sounds, clean air is vital to human health and wellbeing indoors. Oxyvital air cleaners offer Hong Kong residents peace of mind by providing the cleanest air possible to protect human health at home and at work.

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