High Performance Air Purification

You deserve a high performance air cleaner that will work to the standard human beings require form a medical and health perspective. Standard small air cleaners available online may not be designed and built for Hong Kong conditions. Many purifiers created for the Western market are small, noisy and not equipped with the right level of filtration to take care of both pathogens and pollution in Asia. What’s more, a considerable number of consumer air cleaners generate toxic by-products such as Ozone or Reactive Oxygen Species. When you choose a high performance air purifier for your home or office, you’re giving yourself an environment that’s healthy, fresh and hygienic on as many levels as possible.

How is a high performance air purifier different?

High-performance air quality systems are differentiated from standard consumer models not just by the percentage of contaminants they remove, but the type of contaminants they can remove, as well as the area they can treat. Whereas a standard filter will remove large particles such as allergens and bacteria, a high performance air filter will remove nano-pollutants such as noxious gases, odours, viruses and more.

But how do you know just how clean the air has to be for it to be considered healthy? The World Health Organisation has developed extensive guidelines on safe levels of common pollutants, covering everything from biological hazards to common building materials which let off fumes and dust. These guidelines, the WHO IAQ, are designed to help health authorities and interested parties make policies and set up infrastructure that’s conducive to clean air. At this stage, the patented Oxyvital air quality processor is the only system that cleans air in accordance with the WHO IAQ guidelines. In fact, we invite our clients to do before-and-after air quality tests to measure the difference.

To discuss how an Oxyvital high performance air purification system can meet your needs, contact Oxyvital in Hong Kong today.