Commercial Air Purification for Hong Kong Premises

More and more business owners and building managers in Hong Kong are becoming aware of the need to provide a clean and healthy working environment. When analysing the number of sick days taken, productivity, and the cleanliness of offices, it’s hard to argue that indoor air quality isn’t important. Premier commercial complexes across Asia are using commercial air cleaning as a selling point for potential employees, who also want to work in an environment where their health and wellbeing are respected. Of course, when it comes to catering for foreign guests who aren’t used to Hong Kong air, filtration is absolutely essential.

Commercial air filtration isn’t the same as having a home-based unit installed. Firstly, there’s the space; a commercial air filter has to have the capacity to thoroughly clean and purify the air in a large, possibly open plan space. The purifier may have to be built into the building’s central air and HVAC system. Then, there’s the challenge of keeping air clean when doors are constantly being opened and shut. Clients looking for a high-end commercial air purifier for their Hong Kong premises can rely on Oxyvital, the world’s only Swiss/German designed and produced system that meets WHO IAQ standards and includes a unique 4-stage filtration system topped off with a ZeoSieve air processor. This technology can trap, remove and break up particles up to 10,000 times smaller than those which an ordinary HEPA filter can remove. Our clients have reported dramatic improvements in morale, productivity, and in the energy within their offices – not to mention a more pleasant environment for clients and customers.

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