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Preserve. Human. Health.

Very much like the atmosphere enables and protects life on earth, Oxyvital strives to create safe, humane living spaces in the form of health-
friendly breathing zones in highly polluted environments.

The Oxyvital Story

Founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, the initial Oxyvital team discovered and subsequently co-developed a medical grade technology originating out of Germany to purify indoor air to the highest international standards established by World Health Organisation.

In the early years, lots of time and resources were spent on understanding the complexities of poor Indoor Air Quality in built environments and its impact on human health - at the time a rather pioneering topic.

Environmental doctors, chartered builders as well as medical equipment specialists from Germany and the UK researched and worked together.

Regular meetings in Hong Kong were scheduled for symposiums with the construction or HVAC industry, or simply to carry out in-situ indoor air experiments and testing.

Oxyvital quickly earned a reputation for high performance, technological innovation and premium medical quality in the air purification industry.

Due to excellent independent test results of Oxyvital’s ZeoSieve technology, Hong Kong Government as well as Hong Kong University of Science and Technology co-operated with Oxyvital and supported live testing and accreditation procedures.

During all that time, Hong Kong proved to be an ideal testing ground for Indoor Air Quality Control - simply by being a unique, artificial, high-density urban habitat with elevated levels of air pollution.

As of 2010, Oxyvital’s ZeoSieve Technology is patented globally and the company is pursuing a gradual roll-out into both commercial and consumer markets.

Our Philosophy

Oxyvital is an innovative company with an exclusive mission: developing and manufacturing the world’s most effective air purification systems for people who are not willing to compromise on their health. Moreover, are we committed to greener and safer man-made environments to protect the very limited and precious natural resources of our planet.

With clean air very hard to classify or measure for the consumer, the market for air cleaning equipment is generally an Eldorado of unsubstantiated claims, smoke and mirrors, self-imposed standards and certifications.

Oxvital’s technology performance is proven effective by independent institutes, and we provide truthful and transparent information so consumers can make informed choices.

Our products help relieve the discomfort of allergy, asthma symptoms, and rhinitis and enhance respiratory health and well-being at home or at work. We are proud to mention, that many of our clients have found in Oxyvital an air purification solution of ‘last resort’ - after having tried a number of white good air cleaners ‘off the shelf’.

One thing that has not changed at Oxyvital over the past 15 years is our firm belief, that clean and health-friendly air is a basic human right. We therefore commit all our energy and resources to help mitigate one of the most pressing issues of our time - air pollution.

Made in Germany

As Oxyvital’s ZeoSieve technology originates from Germany, we have been committed to outstanding quality and excellence in engineering from the very beginning. To date we are developing and manufacturing our core products and vital components with our medical production partner near Frankfurt. By using the highest quality components, a specialized team of skilled craftsmen and women, and state-of-the-art medical grade manufacturing processes, we are able to build the finest air purification systems in the world.


The success of any company depends on the quality of its people. As Oxyvital is about to establish itself as one of the leading air purification firms in South China, systematic recruitment and talent scouting are key to reach our goals. Fostering a culture of quality, innovation, trust and integrity, we are continuously seeking like-minded industry professionals to sustain growth at our offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Should you wish to apply with us, kindly submit your complete application documents including cover letter, recent photo and CV to careers@oxyvital.com